Vending Machine Retrofit Design Reference

Traditional machines are usually lack of visibility. It is commonly without touch screens and does not support complex features, for example only accepts payments in terms of coins and only some accept cash. To check inventory levels, distribution personnel must physically visit each machine which is a time-consuming and expensive process. Moreover, conventional machine only sells canned/bottled beverages, cold or hot beverages, and a few selections of snacks without any customizable functions, unlike unconventional vending machine.

These factors have led the retrofitting of conventional vending machine to smart vending machine (or intelligent vending machines) in order to stay competitive in the market.

Vending Machine

Traditional and conventional vending machines can also be retrofitted into smart vending machines (or intelligent vending machines).

Design Notes

Vending Machine Retrofit

Please go to Machine Design Reference for the design reference of new smart vending machine.

Vendron Cube

Silkron's innovative and patent-pending retrofit solution, known as Vendron Cube for retrofit on conventional vending machine to enable with smart vending features.

Coffee Vending Machine

Silkron's newly launched mobile app, Vendron GO dispenses your favorite coffee at your fingertip.

You may find your right smart vending machines in our Vending Machines Marketplace.

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