Food Ordering Kiosk

Food & beverage industry needs to increase revenue and profitability of the F&B outlets and quick service restaurants (QSR), to elevate the customer experience, to reduce the operating costs, to reduce labor-dependency and to improve the efficiency of the operations.

Over the internet, Vendron® and Vendron® Cloud provide the features for remote manageability of the intelligent food ordering and payment kiosks. Software updates and content management for food menus, digital signage, interactive screen content and themes can be accomplished remotely and securely for any number of food ordering kiosks.

Food Ordering Kiosk

Self-service Ordering Process

Self-service Ordering Through Kiosk or Mobile
Make Payment
Get Receipt
Food Collection

Our extensive experience in self-service vending has been synergized to the food & beverage industry to offer a full range of smart F&B solutions that varies from self-ordering and payment kiosk to back-end cloud remote manageability solution and services. Smart F&B, food ordering, self ordering and pick-up or whatever that you like to call it, is the new and inevitable wave of changes in quick service F&B industry.

  • To elevate the customer experience
  • To reduce the operating costs
  • To reduce labor-dependency
  • To improve the efficiency of the operations
Remote Cloud Management for Food Ordering Kiosk

Please get in touch with us to know more how our smart self-ordering solutions can assist you in your food ordering kiosks and F&B operations.